Are you a doctor who should repeatedly type miscellaneous information in a form? We know how hard it is. Now you can use Flashpaste in your work. The very moment you start using our utility your productivity shoots up.

Flashpaste is extremely useful and at the same time very easy to use. When you start to use it preparing discharge letters, writing reports, diagnosis or any other documents will take much less time and efforts. Stop wasting your time, use Flashpaste.

Royal Adelaide Hospital has bought Flashpaste for its 500 doctors. We are proud that Flashpaste helps them in their work. Want to know how they use it? Here is a letter that we received from them.

My name is Graeme Bruce. I am an IT Manager at Royal Adelaide Hospital in Adelaide, Australia. Royal Adelaide Hospital is an 800 bed public teaching hospital.

I am very impressed with your Flashpaste software program and believe it can help standardise the way we present patient's discharge details to their referring doctor.

We use a customised program for preparing discharge letters. This program runs via a Novell network accross the hospital. Some of the fields consist of only free text. Within these fields I would like to use Flashpaste to paste some standard text prompts so the relevent data can be entered by the discharge Doctor. As the discharge letter is produced by many different clinics around the hospital the details for the prompt will vary from Clinic to clinic.

Flashpaste Pro is ideal for handling this as I can assign a folder for each clinic.

The following is text I would paste for patients being discharged using the drug warfarin

TahomaWarfarin Discharge Plan

All criteria need to be filled in - if not applicable please write NA

Indication for Warfarin:

Target INR:

Length of therapy:

INR on day of discharge:

Dose until next blood test:

Date of next blood test:

Test organised: Yes No

Warfarin Pre assessment given: Yes No

Warfarin Education given: Yes No

Discharge warfarin: Coumadin/Marevan

Transitional Care Package: Yes No

Warfarin Pharmacology OPD appointment: Arial

Lots of doctors already use this instrument. We know that Flashpaste has been used in many hospitals and medicine centers such as Roche Diagnostics Ltd, Uslabs, Genoptix Medical Laboratory, Massachusetts Medical Society, Helgelandssykehuset and other.

You don't use Flashpaste yet? Welcome!

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Happy People

You have made an excellent program. I cannot imagine my life without it, as I answer the same queries dozens of times a day. What's more, the facility to store data in folders, and the facility to move files between folders, etc. have made the program very flexible.
It would be helpful if you can add a "backup" facility as those addicted to the program keep a lot of vital data in these files.

Dr. Johnson C. Philip, India
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