The useful tool, which is often used to insert constantly repeating blocks of text, became more useful. The latest version of Flashpaste gives us such powerful and flexible tool as improved macros.

Do you want to paste the current time? Or maybe the current date? Easy. Just use the %ExTime(...)% macro. For example, %ExTime(#c)% will insert "03/22/07 07:34:28". And %ExTime(#B #d, #Y)% will add the "March 22, 2007" line to the document. You can configure the date output format to your liking.

Maybe you should use the yesterday date or write that the document will be finished in 3 days. The latest version of Flashpaste supports this. Just use the date shift, for example %ExTime(+1d;#B #d, #Y)% will insert tomorrow date - "March 22, 2007".

Flashpaste cannot paste text into some specific applications which you use in your work? This doesn't mean you should throw it away and type manually. Try to enclose your text in the %Print(...)% macro. For example: %Print(Text you want to enter in the input field)%.

Maybe the simplest macro is %Clip()%, which allows you to use clipboard in your strings. This macro is surely useful for programmers or web-designers. Are you creating an html-page? Just paste the link into the clipboard and the insert the following line:

<a href="%Clip()%" target="_blank"></a>%Control(left*4)%

and you will get the link code. Everything which is left is to write the link header and you even don't have to move the cursor to the necessary place: %Control(left*4)% will make this for you.

%Control(...)% - is the most powerful and complex macro. It allows you to emulate key presses of control keys. For example, you can "press" the left arrow 4 times to move the cursor to the necessary place as in the example above. Or send the Tab key to the application to move to the next input field, or Enter to press the Submit key. Thus, you can fill in complex forms by standard texts in a single action. %Control(...)% - is a universal macro, which allows you to construct complex statements, for example:


This macro will make the screenshot of the active window, open MS Paint and insert the screenshot, so you can start editing immediately.

If you are interested in this macro, you can find detailed information in the program help system. And finally I will tell you about one more simple macro - %Open(...)%. This macro allows you to use Flashpaste as a program "launcher". %Open(...)% can launch programs, open frequently used documents or web-pages.

As a conclusion: the main purpose of Flashpaste is to facilitate text input, however now you can use this universal tool for a wide variety of tasks. Launching applications, controlling them using control keys, using clipboard data, extended capabilities for inserting dates and of course getting rid of boring text typing - won't this make your work easier? Try and see for yourself.

You don't use Flashpaste yet? Welcome to Flashpaste homepage or download it!

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Hey Softvoile, I just wanted to say thanks for creating FlashPaste. I use it everyday to respond to emails from customers with common questions. Not only does it make my chores go faster, it also helps me to have better customer service. I get several common questions all the time, and with FlashPaste I just have to pick the perfect wording for my response once. Then the next time someone asks me the same question, I don't have to choose my wording again, since I have already done it. The software is so easy to use. I tried several different programs that claimed to do the same thing before I found FlashPaste. Your customer service is also excellent. I have to admit, I really didn't expect a response so fast when I had a problem. And you resolved it very fast as well. Thanks Again!

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