Are you used to the keyboard and instead of typing using two fingers, you have mastered blind typing method? Your fingers quickly turn your thoughts into little black letters on the screen? You type so fast that you think that typing faster is impossible?

What if I tell you that you can create texts even faster? And simply using one hand and two or three fingers will be faster? Of course, you won't be able to write a novel, memoirs or a love letter this way. But you will be able to significantly speed up your routine work. Look at the details, at those bugs, which constantly eat precious seconds of your time.

I work at the computer a lot and my hands are always on the keyboard typing something, because I'm a software developer. I code, write descriptions, help manuals, create websites, optimize them, answer users' questions, post in message boards and my blog. Flashpaste is my every day assistant which saves me a great deal of time. That's why I created it :)

I want to tell you about the feature of Flashpaste, which allows you to quickly paste text, which is undeservedly rarely used. It will take you only ten minutes to understand how to quickly paste text using Hot Key Labels, but the effect will be striking. You probably thought that Flashpaste is useful only to paste long rarely used texts, such as answers to users' e-mails if you are a support technician, and it is faster to write short texts that to paste them? I will prove the opposite.

You can instantly paste any texts using one hand. To do this, you need:

  1. Download and install Flashpaste and add your text fragments into the database.
  2. Enable the Hot Key Label mode in the program settings and read the corresponding section of the manual.
  3. Choose the primary hot key, e.g. + on the numeric keypad (Num +)
  4. Spend five minutes to remember the numbers of the text pieces you need.
  5. That's it!

Once in a while I release a new product, create a website, register it in directories, and write product description and user manual. I constantly use the same words - product name, website address, e-mail etc. It's easy if the product has a short name, but what if it is long? If the product is called Clipdiary Clipboard History Manager? In Flashpaste I create a folder where I store all the text fragments corresponding to the product.

Now when I need to paste the product name, my right hand automatically presses "+, 3, 1" on the numeric keypad - and "Clipdiary Clipboard History Manager" is inserted into the document. This is only one second and three key presses instead of 35. OK, a few seconds saved for rest and entertainment :)

A few explanations in case it isn't quite clear:

  • "+" - Hot key to launch Flashpaste
  • "3" - Number of the folder containing text for the project.
  • "1" - Number of the fragment, which is used to store the text.

Website address is "+ 3 2", rss feed is "+ 3 3", e-mail is "+ 3 3" etc. etc. Each project usually has more than 10 fragments. As a result the hours of time that would be wasted to constantly type the same lines are freed.

Webmasters, do you still type the addresses of your websites manually?

Try to paste text using one hand instead of typing it again and again. Try the hot key paste mode and you will love it!

P.S. In reality, since I often use the numeric keypad, it wouldn't be very convenient for me to compromise its primary purpose. So, for pasting tasks I use the combination of "+" and the CTRL key. However, since I press CTRL using my left hand and "+" and digits - with the right hand, this doesn't affect the pasting speed.

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I work in the medical industry as a billing rep in a long term care pharmacy. A lot of cutting and pasting was required for the job that I was doing. The Macro Function was the most benificial for me as This program was the only one that I was able to get to interact with QS1. Even my IT guys were impressed. I have a little more of a challenge getting it to interact with the software at my new job; Pharmerica, they use a more ancient software-AS400- but making leaway nonetheless.

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