What do you do with your computer? If your activities are not limited by games and movies, I bet you type something. Letters, icq or other messages, discussion boards, chats... The constant set of addresses, logins, contact information, filenames and many-many other - these things are typed everyday by users. Maybe text work is your professional task? Writers, journalists, editors, programmers, web-developers, tech support members and many others - they are people who spend most of their time typing text.

Why spend time and efforts for mechanical actions when you have more important tasks? Maybe you want to spend time for interesting creative work or start doing the things you never had time for? Maybe you just want to rest or spend time with your family. I don't want what you will do with this time but I know how to get it. Let it change with Flashpaste. This utility will relieve you from routine typing. Just copy or paste.

In fact, Flashpaste is your personal text repository. It doesn't matter what you will store there: your login and password, your signature, or a long instruction for your users. It is important that this information is always at hand. When needed, you just select the necessary text in the line tree and in a couple of seconds it is pasted to the necessary window. What can be easier? Only the feature to quickly insert the latest line - just press a hotkey and the line is inserted into the document again.

With Flashpaste you can paste text into almost any input field. MS Word or your favorite mail client, a specific program, which you use for your work or a web-form, a specialized program for doctors or a widely used personal information manager: you can make text input faster wherever you need it. Even in those rare cases when Flashpaste cannot paste the line (in my experience it doesn't work with the address line of Avant Browser, though it works great with Internet Explorer), you still can make it faster because Flashpaste can not only paste text into applications but also copy it to the clipboard. Everything you need to do after this is to press Ctrl+V to copy text from the clipboard.

However, Flashpaste is not the storage of text for inserting, it is also called a powerful utility for inserting and copying text. Flashpaste saves for you the recent 10 texts which you copied to the clipboard. This function is called the clipboard history. Besides, macros are also supported. Do you want to be able to quickly insert the current date? I can already do it. However, I wasn't able to use more complex macros for Photoshop, though the sample works.

In this short article it is hard to tell about all features of this great utility. If you are interested you can view the program help file without installing it, or learn how to create and paste lines by watching the demo. But macros and clipboard history are not the main thing. What matters most is that you can immediately paste, paste and paste text. Quickly, easily and error-free, doesn't it sound good? I recommend: http://flashpaste.com/download.php.

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I am a digital artist making wallpapers, logons, dreams, icons, etc. I post my works on four different sites and each requires a description of some sort. I used to just alter a notepad text, according to the site I was at, and edit, cut, copy paste. This is one of THE most convienient little apps I have found in a long time. I consider it's already earned the price I paid, which wasn't too much to begin with.

Gary Goldmith
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