1. I want to assign my own hot key to each of the strings. Can I do that?

There are two problems with this: a lack of free combinations at the keyboard and impossibility to remember a lot of shortcuts. Flashpaste supports one mechanism that allows you to work very fast - for more details, see our online help

2. Is there any way to move the Flashpaste data to a different PC? I need to use this utility on two different computers.

You should copy Flashpaste database to other PC. Go to the File->Options->Databases tab, there you can find path to the database file. Go to that folder, and copy .db file to other PC.

3. How can I copy or move database to other folder?

  1. Open Flashpaste Main Window
  2. Select File -> Options...
  3. Go to 'Databases' tab
  4. Hit 'Copy and switch...' button and specify new path
  5. Hit 'OK'

4. I am reinstalling Flashpaste. Have backup of Common.db and Flashpaste.cfg but don't know how to load those two files so that I can use my old strings.

Backup is just a zip archive containing a Flashpaste database and a configuration file. So, you should do the following steps:

  1. Close Flashpaste (File -> Terminate Flashpaste or Exit in tray menu).
  2. Extract files from backup archive into the "C:\Documents and Settings\<User Name>\Application Data\flashpaste\" folder for Windows XP or into the "C:\Users\<User Name>\AppData\Roaming\flashpaste\" folder for Windows 7\Vista.
  3. Run Flashpaste.

5. Does Flashpaste work in Windows7 x64?

Yes, it works.

6. I have Flashpaste icon hidden in XP systray tools. So I have to open the systray tools menu (click the button) and only after this I can run Flashpaste menu. Strings are not pasted properly. What should I do?

You should keep Flashpaste icon active in the system tray. There is no way to correct determine target window for pasting, if you firstly click on tray button to expand tray tools.

7. How can I duplicate a string in the main window?

You can copy string using drag&drop with Ctrl key pressed.

8. I added numerous new folders to your specimen database and populated them with text clips. I then deleted all your original entries. This left me with no notes in the database root directory. How can I add string to the root directory now?

You can add string to any of your folders and then drag and drop it to the empty space below all folders at the root.

9. When trying to paste string to the console window (terminal window) I get ^V symbol pasted instead of my string. How can I paste text to the console window?

You should use %Print()% macro.

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