%ClipAsPlainText()% macro pastes text from clipboard without formatting. Unlike the %Clip()% macro, %ClipAsPlainText()% pastes only plain text, without formatting, while %Clip()% pastes the complete contents of the clipboard (formatting, pictures, hyperlinks etc.)

Macros %ClipAsPlainText(1)% - %ClipAsPlainText(5)% allows you to use the text from the clipboard history in your strings. %ClipAsPlainText(1)% is text from latest captured clip, %Clip(2)% - text from previous clip in history and so on. The Clipboard History feature should be activated.

As for %ClipAsPlainText()% macro pastes only plain text it works faster and more stable then %Clip()%.


Just use %ClipAsPlainText()% or %ClipAsPlainText(x)% in your string - this macro will be replaced with the text from the clipboard or clipboard history when pasting.


  • <a href="%clip()%" target="_blank"></a>%Control(left*4)% - Make link from the contents of the clipboard.
  • Begin %clip()% End - Insert data from the clipboard and include beginning and ending markers.