The Clipboard History is a special feature of the program used for storing text fragments recently placed by the user onto the clipboard. Now you can quickly paste recent text fragments at any moment. It makes the work related to copying and pasting text frequently considerably easier.

Just press the corresponding hotkey to paste text from the clipboard history. After that you should move to the "Clipboard History" folder and select the necessary text. You can use the Alt+C hotkey to quickly move to that folder.

You can use the program options to specify the location of the clipboard folder in the line selection dialog box.

If you have problems with copying data in Microsoft Word\Excel when Flashpaste is running, it makes sense to disable the clipboard history for these applications by selecting the corresponding checkboxes in the settings of Flashpaste (F4). Unfortunately, we cannot find a mechanism that would work correctly with the clipboard in Microsoft Office applications so far.

If you want to have the entire history of the clipboard, take a look at our utility called Clipdiary.