Global Hot Keys

Global Hot Keys are keyboard shortcuts that you can use in any program to open the Flashpaste String Selection dialog box or to insert the last inserted string. You can assign them in the Options dialog box.

Default value:

String Selection dialog box Hot Keys

  • 1, 2, ... 9, 0 - Quickly selecting the string by its number. "1" - corresponds to the first string in the list, "0" - corresponds to the tenth string, "q" - to the eleventh and finally "p" - to the twentieth. Strings in folders are numbered beginning from the first string in the current folder. Detailed...
  • Ctrl-1, Ctrl-2, ... Ctrl-9, Ctrl-0 - The same as a usual numeric key, but the settings dialog box is closed and the selected string is inserted immediately. You can change this behavior.
  • Alt-C - Move on the first line in the Clipboard History folder.
  • Ctrl-C - Copying the selected string into the clipboard.
  • Ctrl-Left Arrow - Quick move on the first clip.
  • Enter, Right arrow - Inserting the selected string or Open Folder.
  • Esc - Close the dialog box without inserting a string.
  • F2 - Switching the "And Close" option.
  • F3 - Switching between the Hot Key Labels modes in a loop.
  • F4 - Opens the main window.
  • F8 - Opening template in the Template Viewer.
  • F11 - Maximizing\restoring the dialog box.
  • F12 - Showing\hiding the title bar of the dialog box.

Main program window Hot Keys