You can use the %Open(...)% macro to open documents, folders, launch favorite programs or quickly open required web-pages.

%Open(...)% - Open documents, web-pages or run other programs


Macro body is a string of parameters in a special format enclosed in brackets. Parameters must be separated with the "|" character. You can specify up to 5 parameters:

Parameter string format: %Open(Target|Operation|Parameters|Run|StartIn)%
  • Taget - Specifies what to run - path to a file, folder, web-page or application to launch.
  • Operation - Specifies the action to perform. Standard actions are Open, Explore, Edit, Print, Find.
  • Parameters - You can specify command line parameters if the application requires.
  • Run - Specifies the way to run the application: in the normal (1), minimized (2) or maximized (3) window.
  • StartIn - specifies the program current directory. This parameter cannot be specified in the macro create dialog, but you can always specify it manually.

All parameters except the first are optional.

Note: if your string ends with the "\" character, you must insert a space before it, otherwise the text will be simply pasted into the application. This is because of the fact that the "\)%" string is used to insert the ")%" string into the macro body.


  • %Open(c:\Work\ )% - Open the c:\Work folder in Explorer.
  • %Open(c:\|||3)% - Open the c:\Work folder in the maximized window.
  • %Open(C:\Documents and Settings\Begemotik\My Documents\Plans.doc|Edit||3)% - Open the Plans.doc document for editing.
  • %Open( )% - Open the Flashpaste homepage in a browser.

Advanced Example

%Control(@100_alt_PRINTSCREEN)%%Open(mspaint.exe|Open||3)%%Control(@1000_ctrl_v)% - Makes a screenshot of the active window, runs Paint and pastes the screenshot.