The main purpose of Flashpaste is to paste text again, again and again for you not to have to type it again and again. But sometimes you may come across problems with pasting. You may fail to paste text into some applications or paste the current clipboard content instead of the text you select. You can use options on this tab to fix most of such problems, especially with MS Office applications.

Compatibility Delay

If you have problems pasting text (for example, the clipboard text is pasted instead of the string you need) try increasing the delay value up to 100-300. The normal value for this parameter is 70 or lower.

Restoring the clipboard content

Flashpaste uses the system clipboard to paste text. The program memorizes the current clipboard content, copies the text you need to it and pastes it into the required position. After that the initial clipboard data is restored. Sometimes it does not work. In this case, you can disable restoring this data.

Advantages and disadvantages of restoring the clipboard being disabled:

  • + : Some problems with pasting get fixed.
  • + : Pasted text remains in the clipboard and you can use it once again.
  • + : Performance rate increases.
  • - : The current clipboard content is lost.