Flashpaste inserts strings using the clipboard. First, the old value of the buffer is remembered then the required string is inserted into it. Then, the destination window is sent the ctrl-v combination to insert the text. Finally, the old content of the clipboard is restored. In some cases, this doesn't work or the simple emulation of keypresses works better. The following macro can be used in such cases %Print(...)%.


The macro body is located in brackets and represents a string, which will be printed in the application, for example:

  • %Print(some text
         second line of text)%
  • %Print(c:\log.txt)%
  • %Print(Time: %ExTime(#c)% )%

The macro body can contain arbitrary number of characters, carriage returns as well as the %ExTime()% and %Dictionary(...)% macros which will be substituted with the corresponding values.

If you need to print the ")%" substring, which marks the end of the macro body, you must use the "\)%" sequence. The '\' character will be ignored when printing.