The Template Viewer is a small additional window that is used to quickly view your template text without having to paste it anywhere.

What is it for?

Suppose you work in a technical support department and use Flashpaste to store and quickly paste boilerplate answers while communicating with customers. With Flashpaste, you can quickly answer standard questions by e-mail or in an online chat. But what to do if a customer phones you? And you need to take a look at your answer template? All you have to do is select the necessary template in the string selection dialog box as you always do it, but you just press F8 instead of pasting it and the text is in front of you.

If necessary, you can select part of the text and copy it to the clipboard.

Hot Keys

  • To open a template text in the template viewer, use F8 in the string selection dialog box.
  • Esc or Alt-F4- close the template viewer and the string selection dialog box.
  • Ctrl+Enter - close the template viewer only.