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Version 6.5

  • Fixed: Bug with accent characters when abbreviations are used.
  • Added:"Copy\Paste as plain text" and "Type in" functions now work for all items (text, rtf, clips).
  • Improved: Window for %List()% macro now dynamically adjust own size.
  • Added: Japanese localization.
  • Improved: A few of other small bug-fixes and improvements.
November 16, 2019

Version 6.4

  • Added: Clips - a new type of item. In Clip, you can store everything that you can copy to clipboard - text with html-formatting (for example for Gmail editor), images, files...
  • Added: New function "Type in" for string - type text by keystroke emulation.
  • Added: New global hotkey - paste current clipboard contents as plain text.
  • Added: Automatically expand the string tree when searching.
  • Improved: Better support of High DPI.
  • Improved: Compatibility with Windows 10 and Edge browser.
  • Improved: A lot of other changes and improvements.
February 16, 2019

Version 6.32

  • Fixed: Problems for users from some European countries.
August 24, 2017

Version 6.31

  • Fixed: Bug with accent characters.
March 20, 2017

Version 6.3

  • Added: Abbreviations support - add abbreviation to string, then type it in any place and press SPACE in order to paste string.
March 06, 2017

Version 6.2

This is a maintain release with a lot of improvements and bugfixes, changes in interface and behaviour.

October 26, 2015

Version 6.1

  • Added: Customize font - font name, size, text and background color. See Options -> Interface.
  • Added: Minimal mode in String selection dialog box, use F12 in order to swith modes.
  • Improved: Support for Windows 8.
March 06, 2015

Version 6.0

  • Added: Incremental search now used in string selection dialog box and main window.
  • Added: New macro - %RandomNumber(x,y)% to paste a random number from specified range (x <= number <= y).
December 16, 14

Version 5.95

  • Fixed: Error with processing local database.
  • Improved: Compatibility with Windows 8.
July 29, 13

Version 5.9

  • Added: New option - play sound when clip is captured into clipboard history.
  • Added: New feature - use bold font for mark strings in the tree.
  • Added: Hot keys for collapse\expand all tree folders in the string selection box (ctrl+up\down).
  • Added: "Add to root" option into create new string window.
February 21, 13

Version 5.8

  • Added: Macros %Clip(x)% and %ClipAsPlainText(x)% where x can be 1 - 5 for pasting data from clipboard history.
  • Improved: Clipboard history feature and support of Clipboard Viewer Ignore Format.
  • Added: Option to disable program exit confirmation.
October 25, 12

Version 5.7

  • Added: %Env(...)% - insert value of environment variable.
March 28, 12

Version 5.6

February 27, 12

Version 5.5

  • Added: Search\filter function in main window.
  • Added: Custom separator for multiple pasting from %List()% macro
  • Added: Export database to txt file
December 01, 11

Version 5.4

  • Added: Support of pasting a few strings at one time from %List()% macro.
October 17, 11

Version 5.3

April 15, 11

Version 5.22

  • Fixed: Error with using local db and database caching.
  • Improved: Behavior in some cases.
July 05, 10

Version 5.2

  • Added: Drag&Drop support in the String Selection Dialog Box.
  • Added: Option to emulate Shift+Insert instead of Ctrl+V to paste string, to paste strings into terminal window correctly.
  • Changed location for the cached database to \Local Settings\Application Data\Flashpaste
April 09, 10

Version 5.1

This is a maintain release with some improvements and bugfixes.

February 24, 10

Version 5.0

  • Added: Sorting of strings feature (choose String->Sort Items in the main window).
  • Improved: Work with clipboard history - show more characters in clip title, show full text in tooltip.
  • Added: Hidden option optToolTipParseLinks.
February 01, 10

Version 4.9

December 18, 09

Version 4.8

  • Added: Support of Vista Clipboard API. Extended support of Windows Vista and Windows 7.
  • Improved: Some changes in Graphic User Interface.
  • Fixed: Few small bugs.
November 06, 09

Version 4.7

  • Added: Option to add Clipboard Viewer Ignore Format while pasting text.
  • Added: Context menu for Configuration Window and String Selection Dialog Box.
  • Added: Copy\Paste as Plain text feature for clipboard history items.
October 05, 09

Version 4.61

  • Added: Option change action for double click - paste item to target (old behavior) or copy text to clipboard.
  • Added: Local Texts macro now supports multiline text.
July 13, 09

Version 4.6

  • Added: Hot Key Label feature now work inside the %List()% macro.
  • Added: When you open main window from a string selection dialog, the active string is automatically selected for edition.
  • Fixed: problems when moving string up/down in the tree.
  • Improved: Some other small changes and minor bug fixes.
March 03, 09

Version 4.5

  • Added: Template Viewer
  • Added: The experimental support of the HTML format.
May 14, 08

Version 4.41

March 03, 08

Version 4.4

January 28, 08

Version 4.35

  • Added: New option - customize Main Hot Key action in String Selection dialog. Either open main window (old behavior) or collapse all folders, then focus the root item (same as Ctrl+Left Arrow).
  • Added: Pressing F4 in the String Selection dialog opens the main window.
  • Fixed: A lot of minor problems.
September 15, 07

Version 4.31

April 14, 07

Version 4.3

March 19, 07

Version 4.2

  • Added: Multiple display monitors configuration support.
  • Added: %Control(...)% macro to emulate control keys.
  • Added: %Print(...)% macro to insert a line by emulating keypresses instead of using the clipboard.
  • Added: Strings and folders copying in the Main Window using drag&drop
  • Improved: New macro format.
  • Added: Alt-arrow up\down\left\right\page up\page down key combinations for navigation in the Strings tree in Main Window.
February 05, 2007

Version 4.1

  • Added: Possibility to change size of Configuration Window.
  • Fixed: Problem with Outlook.
  • Improved: Clipboard History function is completely rewritten.
  • Improved: Some other small changes and minor bug fixes.
December 01, 06

Version 4.0

  • Added: Formatted text support (RTF).
  • Added: Unicode support.
  • Improved: SQLite database is used for data storage instead of plain text file.
  • Improved: Main program window interface.
  • Warning: Starting with this version, Flashpaste does not work with Windows 98/ME.
September 30, 06

Version 3.6

  • Added: Option that allows to disable the Hot Keys in String Selection Dialog Box.
  • Fixed: Numeric keys on keypad now work as Hot Keys.
  • Improved: Redesigned Options dialog box.
  • Improved: Help System is completed.
  • Added: German Help is added.
  • Fixed: Some bugs.
June 01, 06

Version 3.5

May 10, 06

Version 3.4

  • Improved: Compatibility with Outlook Express.
  • Addee: Feature show\hide Caption Area in String Selection Dialog Box (F12).
  • Fixed: Bug that has appeared with IE 5.0.
  • Improved: a lot of improvements.
  • Fixed: All known bugs.
February 21, 06

Version 3.3

  • Added: "Automatically Hide String Selection Dialog Box when leaving its window" option.
  • Added: Option to disable restoring Clipboard Content after pasting a Clip
  • Improved: MS Word and Exel interoperability.
  • Improved: New hotkeys were added to String Selection Dialog Box (F2, Ctrl+Left Arrow, Right Arrow)
  • Added: Configurable "Compatibility Delay" option, to get rid of some rare problems while pasting clips.
  • Improved: Reduced memory footprint.
November 17, 05

Version 3.2

  • Added: Quick pasting the string pasted last without opening the String Selection dialog box.
  • Added: Possibility to using the Local Database in addition to Common Database.
  • Improved: Redesigned Options dialog box.
September 07, 05

Version 3.1

  • Fixed: Loss of focus after double clicking a string.
  • Fixed: Extra line break is errorneously added to last string on each database save.
  • Fixed: Minor bug in installation script.
  • Fixed: Resolved a problem with French localization.
July 07, 05

Version 3.0

  • The program was completely redesigned.
  • Work in Browsers was improved..
  • Added a toolbar in the String Selection dialog box.
  • Now a double-click on the IconTray show the main window.
  • Now it is possible to select place for appearance of the String Selection dialog box (three variants is available).
  • Added a Wizard for new users.
  • Correction bug when open Help File.
  • Reduce the application size.
  • Speed improvement.
  • Some other changes.
June 22, 05

Version 2.5

  • Now it is possible to resize the string selection dialog box.
  • Now it is possible to copy strings into the clipboard instead of inserting them.
  • Now it is possible to disable the clipboard history for Microsoft Word\Excel.
  • Repeated records are no longer copied into the clipboard history.
May 07, 05

Version 2.4

  • Added an option to automatically select the last line inserted.
  • The line editing dialog is now available through a double-click on its tree item.
  • Added an extended macro for inserting time and date in any format.
  • Added macros for positioning the cursor: VK_UP, VK_DOWN, VK_RIGT, VK_LEFT .
December 11, 04

Version 2.3

  • The macros mechanism is implemented for lines being inserted..
  • Bugs in logging the clipboard history are fixed.
  • Italian, Spanish and Dutch languages is added.
November 20, 04

Version 2.2

  • The clipboard history feature is added.
  • The localization mechanism is implemented.
  • The program statistics system is added.
  • Some other improvements and new features.
November 01, 04

Version 2.1

  • Bugs while functioning under WinXP SP2 are fixed.
  • The possibility of setting the minimizing mode instead of closing the program is added.
  • Error with show the tooltip in the system tray at each launching is fixed now.
  • The trial period is increased up to 30 days now..
  • Improved interface.
October 03, 04

Version 2.0

  • Capability to divide string into folders..
  • Added drag&drop support in the string tree.
  • Now you can see the entire text to be inserted in a tooltip.
  • Now the dialog box for selecting the line to be inserted has hotkeys 1...0 to quickly select the necessary line and Ctrl-1...Ctrl-0 to quickly select the insert a line.
  • Now you can store the database of the program anywhere.
  • The program interface is improved.
  • A few minor improvements.
September 07, 04

Version 1.0

  • First public release.
August 2003